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Welcome back to Active Exploit Coffee Minute. AT Active Exploit we give you the tools and training to push your IT career to the next level. Today we will cover Social Media and how it could be costing you your next big break. Did you know 58% of employers admitted they actively search candidates social media profiles to know more about who they are going hire? These employers look for your professionalism and what you say online. Comments such as rants of other people, previous employers, the party you went to last night all could cost you a Job or a promotion. Am I telling you to delete your social media accounts? No… Plus we all know deleting the account does not remove what is already there. What I am here to tell you today is to ensure your online presence is clean and how to prevent you from this dilemma.

Here are 4 simple rules that I follow.

1. Consider what you put online. Privacy measures can be taken to ensure that once you post online that only the targeted audience sees what you want to see. Facebook, Instagram and others have privacy settings. Ensure you set your default targeted audience and ensure that if you do post Publicly you would want your Boss, Employee, and your Grandma to see it!

2. Go find your current work place privacy policy. A lot of things you do at work is not to be shared outside the company. If you decide to rant on Social Media about a new project you are working on or an employee that is very frustrating be aware this policy can be used against you in termination or even a court case!

3. Careful adding professional circles as friends…. Sometimes we forget that our colleague can see our posts… These can come back to haunt you. Careful who can see your posts.

4. Being too Private to the point of appearing nonexistent. If I google you will I like what I see? What if I cant find you at all. Employers can use this as a person who has not had the experience in the field and this can also be used against you. Finding the middle ground sometimes is hard! But ensuring you like what you see is best.

Overall Cleaning up your Social media act can save you your next Job and sometimes even push the employer to you rather than a close second.


Ensure that your LEGAL NAME is clean on the internet. If you really need to involve yourself in questionable material that an employer may one day use against you. Use an Alias. An Alias is a second Identity that you will use ONLY on the internet. Make sure that nothing you say as this Alias can be brought back to you as this entity is a layer of protection from you and your next Boss.

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