Tip of the Day 10/31

Welcome to the Work from the Home era. The ability to work from home has always been there but companies are now forced to recognize how to allow their employees to do so.

Every conference application has features to share you screen. This is extremely helpful when you need to share with coworkers information on your computer. Whether it be a PowerPoint, email, or web page the ability makes sharing information easier. Sharing your screen can also share sensitive information such as gossip, classified emails, or even personal information you would rather not share.

This is where window sharing comes in. No matter if you use Ring Central, Zoom, Google or Webex you can share a window over the ability to share a desktop. This feature hides everything except a single window on your pc. This feature while pretty straight forward is the less common option. Many people opt for the share desktop feature and find themselves caught with their pants down! Even if you will be switching between windows, protect yourself and ensure you use the share windows option only. Thank me later.

Happy Halloween! Let’s all stay safe and keep asking can you hack it?

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