Tip of the Day 11/01

Today there is a username and password for everything! You expect me to have a different username and password for everything I log into, you have to be joking! I am in the same boat as you having proper security on every account I use today is near impossible.

Security professionals like to tell you this is the most secure way to protect your accounts. I would have to agree but putting it into motion is hard! So what are we going to do about it? EASY! Multi-factor authentication. Adding a layer to our security onion will protect us while allowing us to have an easier way to create like-like passwords. I do recommend that we do have unique passwords on the more volatile accounts such as banking, email, or credit cards but do you really need a unique password for every site that requires you to sign up? If multi-factor authentication is available the answer is no. Just ensure to use it!

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