Tip of the Day 11/05

So you think your credit cards are secure? Just getting your number stolen is not the only risk you must watch out for!

The dependency on credit cards has opened up a new world of vulnerabilities. Credit cards can be the root of identity theft, monetary loss, or even the start of continued malicious activities. No matter what the attacker utilizes to gather the information your life can be destroyed as easy as it was for you to get that credit card. Following these 3 rules can help protect you from this nightmare.

First! Know of phishing scams and protect sharing your personal data with only those that need it. Ensure they handle the data properly and dispose of it when done.

Second! Keep a close eye on your credit report, log in alerts, and fraudulent alerts on current accounts. These can all be signs of a larger problem. The sooner you know of a breech the faster you can act on it and protect yourself.

Lastly! Ensure that your pin numbers, credit card numbers, and usernames/passwords are not written down or stored insecurely. Utilizing proper password vaults, multi authentication, and virtual credit numbers can all aid in your victory against these attacks.

While these topics can be explored in much greater detail I hope what I shared today is of some use. Have a great week and keep vigilent! Can you hack it?

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