Tip of the Day 11/2

Virtual Private Networks or VPN’s are no longer for business! What you do matters and should be protected. The bad guy will not care if you are an individual or business when they are looking to infect. Let us take our pawn off the board and let the attackers find someone else to control!

If you are utilizing public WiFi or would like to add a layer of anonymousity to your web searching a VPN service is exactly what you need. I recommend NordVPN. As I write this article through my NordVPN client the service is around $59 a year and can be cheaper if you purchase multiple years. Utilizing a VPN client such as NordVPN you can rest easy and know that your history is protected.

But wait theres more! If there ever was a show on Netflix, Amazon, or another service you can not watch due to your location this solution is also the fix for you. NordVPN has over 5100 servers across the globe! This allows you to mask your location and appear from another country or even continent.

This tip of the day is NOT sponsored I just love the service. Have a wonderful day! Can you hack it?

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