Tip of the Day 10/29

I am also guilty of using that Google, Facebook, or Twitter login settings. How did we ever get this far? Where did our common sense go!? Convenience is at the heart of all our lives. If we find an easier way we take it.

Today we need to cover utilizing these easy methods of authentication. Although, easy in nature you are allowing sites to collect or control your personal social media sites.

Whenever using these methods you are always presented with a screen such as this. Authorizing these applications access to collect or control your social media site can be harmful. If the site or application is malicious or gets hacked they could use these back doors to let themselves in.

So let’s all not use these methods and find safer more secures methods to authenticate to sites with unique usernames and passwords. Utilize multifactor authentication when available.

As always be safe out there and keep asking cancyou hack it?

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