Tip of the Day 11/03

Nice, that free software is legit! Is it too legit? While there is a lot of free awesome software out there. There is always software looking to collect, share, or use your personal data for illegitimate uses. Today’s tip are 3 things to look for in free software.

First! Let’s begin with permissions that are not needed. If you installed a game that has no abilities to use the phone, then phone permissions should be denied! Many applications do not need the permissions they ask for to run. Be cautious and always ask yourself why the application is asking for your address book or other permissions you think are odd to ask for!

Second! When installing new software pay close attention to add-on software. It maybe bundled with software that you do not need. Each piece of software you install on your mobile devices or computer open you up for additional vulnerabilities. If you do not need the add-on software or do not know what it is do not install it.

Lastly! Lets all make sure we scan all our software with anti-virus. This will help alleviate software that may have a harmful payload. Free software can hide viruses, trojans or any other malicious software within. Ensure you scan each download and stay protected.

Thanks for reading today. Stay alert and always ask, can you hack it!?

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